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Consolidate all your debt into one affordable payment!

  • We consolidate your debt repayments into one affordable monthly instalment
  • Pay only what you can afford – retain sufficient funds for your monthly living expenses
  • No more calls from creditors & debt collectors – saving you time and having them phone us!
  • We reduce all your interest rates significantly!
  • Keep your house, vehicle and other assets – full legal protection as per NCA
  • We are NCR registered – 95% of our clients become debt free within 36 to 60 months
  • Once debt free, we’ll issue your debt clearance certificate & remove you from all credit bureaus
Zero-Debt™ has an easy process to help create the most suitable financial plan.
Zero-Debt™ has an easy Debt Management process to help create the most suitable financial plan for your unique situation. Our debt counsellors will treat all matters with the utmost confidentiality.
educing your monthly installment
Zero Debt can assist you with reducing your monthly installment so that you can live a debt free life.
Registered with the national credit regulator
We are registered with the national credit regulator (NCR). Clients or prospective clients are welcome to contact them for confirmation hereof. We can also provide you with our debt counsellors’ certificate on request.

This is what Zero Debt can do for you

We help you to consolidate your debt into one affordable instalment at reduced interest rates.

Item Old Payment New Payment
Bond R 8000 p/m R 6000 p/m
Vehicle R 3800 p/m R 2500 p/m
Other debt of R150 000 R 10000 p/m R 3500 p/m
Total R 21800 p/m R 12000 p/m

Reducing your monthly installment from R21 800 to R12 000 saving you approximately R9800 monthly on the above debt scenario!

Why Choose Zero Debt?

Zero Debt is a professional debt relief company with an impeccable track record. We aim to help you on your way to a debt free life.


1. You matter

At Zero Debt we do not see you as just another client. Rather, we look at you as individual and assign you a personal counsellor who walks the road to a debt free life with you up until the end. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.


2. The extra mile

If you need someone to go the extra mile with you, you have found a committed partner. We are committed to every client and will see your debt relief process through to the end. Where we are able to help, we will always offer you assistance.


3. Easy process

Zero Debt has an easy process to help create the most suitable financial plan for your unique situation. All you need to do is follow six easy steps.


4. Confidentiality

Our debt counsellors treat all matters with strict confidentiality.


5. Affordable

Debt Counselling is a more affordable way to restructure debt. Zero Debt understands your financial situation. Our trained debt counsellors will help you put together a plan to take back control of your finances so you can live debt free.


6. Trusted company

A trusted company with over 60 years combined experience