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Our Debt Management process is easy!

Zero-Debt™ has an easy process to help create the most suitable financial plan for your unique situation. Our debt counsellors will treat all matters with the utmost confidentiality.

Zero Debt can assist you with reducing your monthly installment so that you can live a debt free life.

We are registered with the national credit regulator (NCR). Clients or prospective clients are welcome to contact them for confirmation hereof. We can also provide you with our debt counsellors' certificate on request.


This is what Zero Debt can do for you

We help you to consolidate your debt into one affordable instalment at reduced interest rates.

Reducing your monthly installment from R21 800 to R12 000 saving you approximately R9800 monthly on the above debt scenario!

The National Credit Act protects all over indebted consumers against creditors.

Debt Counselling is a more affordable way to restructure debt.

Zero-Debt™ understands your financial situation

The rising cost of living expenses and the current economic situation is not helping anyone to get ahead financially. Our trained debt counsellors will help you put together a plan to take back control of your finances so you can live debt free.

Zero Debt and the National Credit Regulator can help you to

  • Reduce debt repayments drastically
  • Avoid legal action from credit providers
  • Steer clear of being blacklisted
  • Make only one affordable monthly payment to credit providers
  • Avoid losing your house and car
  • We deal with credit providers on your behalf
  • Take home more pay without borrowing

Debt Counselling

  • Debt counselling assists you with having sufficient funds for essential living expenses.
  • Debt Counselling assists you with paying off all your debt at reduced interest and to clear your name.
  • Debt Counselling enables you to stay debt free and stress free by solving your debt problems.

Harris Reed (a very satisfied client)

The service I received from Zero Debt was beyond outstanding. Through Zero Debt’s fast professional service I was able to regain control of my financial situations.I would highly advise any person in debt to use Zero Debt.Their personal touch, professionalism and highly competent friendly staff who are always willing to go the extra mile in service delivery will definitely make the experience worthwhile.


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