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Zero Debt is one of the leading debt solution companies in South Africa!
We protect your assets from repossession by credit providers.
We consolidate all your debt and you pay a lot less every month.
You determine what you can afford & retain sufficient funds for your living expenses.
We’ll also reduce all your current interest rates!
Free no-obligation debt assessments by our experienced consultants.
We can help you even if you are over-indebted, blacklisted or have a bad credit record.
We are fully compliant with National Credit Act & NCR registered.

Why Choose Zero Debt?

Save Money

By consolidating your debt into one payment and negotiating the best deal with all major credit providers, we can reduce interest rates by up to 100%.

Avoid a Judgement

As soon as you enter a debt restructuring agreement, your credit providers will not be able to take any legal action against you. Our lawyers attend court on your behalf to enforce the repayment plan so that creditors can’t wrongfully terminate your application.

Privacy Guaranteed

From the point of completing your free, no-obligation debt assessment, we’ll treat all your personal information with the utmost of confidentiality and we’ll never contact anyone aside from dealing with your credit providers.

Protect Your Assets

Entering into a debt repayment plan gives you immediate relief from the threat of repossession. Though some creditors may still take a chance and contact you, all you need to do is refer them to us.

Easy Process

Complete the contact information to receive an assessment form via email. Once you’ve completed this with as much detail about your finances and Credit Providers as possible, we’ll call you to take you through the next steps.

You’ll be assigned a Debt Counsellor who’ll review your debt and monthly expenses. They will also request detailed information from your Credit Providers about your payments. It may sound scary, but we need this information in order to help you overcome your debt.

If upon review you are over-indebted, your Debt Counsellor will inform your Credit Providers and Credit Bureaus that you are under Debt Review. After this, our specialists will attend the Magistrate’s Court and begin negotiating a re-arrangement plan.

Your Debt Counsellor will provide all Credit Providers with a proposal and with their confirmation, apply for a Consent Order to create a restructured payment plan that is affordable for you and approved by all parties. Monthly payments will be consolidated to one amount, taking effect immediately. Though this plan is customised to your needs, our experience is that clearing your debt takes between 30 to 60 months.

Once you’ve completed the payment plan, your Debt Counsellor will issue you a clearance certificate and will notify the Credit Bureaus that you are no longer in debt counselling*.

*Your history of debt counselling will be expunged from your credit record, but if you had legal-judgments against you, the law states that these will remain on your record for the remainder of the five-year period.

This is what Zero Debt can do for you:

This table reflects one of our clients’ debt position – note that we can help you even if you do not have a property bond or vehicle finance.

We reduced this client’s monthly debt repayments by 49.8% from R25,175 to R12,640 thereby making cash of R12,535 per month available to him & his family! We also protected his assets from repossession and took control of all of his dealings with credit providers and their debt collectors.

Free Assessment Form
Property Bond
Vehicle Finance
Unsecured Debt
Old Payment
R 9,260.16 p/m
R 5,272.68 p/m
R 10,641.97 p/m
R 25,174.81 p/m
New Payment
R 6,853.26 p/m
R 3,385.92 p/m
R 2,401.34 p/m
R 12,640.52 p/m
R 2,406.90 p/m
R 1,886.76 p/m
R 8,240.63 p/m
R 12,534.29 p/m

98% of our customers left satisfied

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