Get help for your debt: Before it’s too late! Featured on Fin24

Everyone knows the saying “too little too late”. But when it comes to debt review, when is it too late to apply? Debt review or debt counselling is a process in terms of the National Credit Act, Act 34 of 2005, where a consumer who is over indebted (a consumer who is unable to satisfy […]

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Zero Debt Provides Top Debt Counselling

Zero Debt ranked among top five National debt counselling firms We are proud to announce that Zero Debt has been ranked as one of the top five National Debt Counselling firms of 2016, at the Debt Review Awards. Firms that are considered for this award must obtain certain criteria such as having over 5000 clients, […]

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Don't fall prey to reckless lending practices.

Be weary of reckless lending when applying for credit

The habit of reckless lending from major credit providers is still prevalent. We’ve seen this in the recent headlines with a well-known commercial bank going to court due to its multi loan practices and with other major financial institutions in the recent years. The consumer is unfortunately always at risk in these situations. If you […]

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debt consolidation

Why debt consolidation is the best option for over indebted consumers

Debt consolidation enables you to only pay what you can afford. Instead of having to pay a number of different credit providers each payment period, a debt consolidation company like Zero Debt can assist you by combining all your existing outstanding loans and liabilities into a single more affordable monthly repayment at a lower interest […]

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debt review

What is debt review and how does it help over indebted consumers?

Debt review is a solution that is targeted at over indebted consumers who are struggling with their finances. The National Credit Act (NCA) introduced the debt rehabilitation program (debt review) to protect consumers from the damage that credit can do, especially as credit providers are so quick with handing out credit. This also gives consumers […]

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