We appoint attorneys to obtain a court granted order for you.  This is to prevent creditors from wrongfully terminating your application. You are then legally protected and your creditor providers will not be able to terminate your debt restructuring agreement or take any legal action against you.

When you apply for debt review, we notify all your creditors to cancel your debit orders.  We do however suggest that you open a new bank account at another financial institution in order to prevent unauthorized money grabs by your creditors.

The debt review process as such is not classified as a credit agreement and you will therefore able to rent a property. In fact, we will make provision for your rent expense in your debt restructuring budget and can provide the agent or lessor with a letter that confirms that you are in a position to pay your monthly rent.

You have the option to cancel the debt review process once all your unsecured debt has been paid off.  If you still cannot afford the full bond instalment, we suggest that you continue with debt review until such time that you are in a position to pay the full required instalment on your own.

The costs that you incur consists of debt counselling fees and legal fees. The debt counselling fees that we charge are regulated by the National Credit Regulator and should be the same regardless of which registered debt counselling company you use. The precise costs will depend on the type of debt that you have and the amount of your monthly repayment. Legal fees are also determined based on the type of debt that you have and the amount of your monthly repayment. Both the debt counselling fees & legal fees are incorporated into your debt restructuring plan which means that you will not need to pay any separate upfront fees in order for your application to be processed. Please refer to your application form for more details on how these fees are calculated.

Only credit agreements as defined in the National Credit Act may be included in the debt review process. Accounts such as doctor and cell phone accounts are excluded. Also excluded are accounts in respect of which legal action has been initiated (prior to your application for debt review) or where judgement and/or garnishee order(s) have been instituted.

No. Administration only applies to consumers whose total debt do not exceed R50,000 and normally lasts much longer and is much more costly. We aim to achieve a debt free status within 36 to 60 months.

You cannot be listed on ITC when you are under debt review. When you apply for debt review, we notify the credit bureaus to merely flag your name. The flag is basically an indication to credit providers that you are under debt review.

We work out the best possible debt restructuring proposal for our clients.  We attempt to reduce the interest rates on all your debt by as much as we can and our main aim is to reduce your monthly debt obligations based on what is affordable in your circumstances. This process enables our customers to repay all their debt while still having sufficient funds available for their living expenses.

We cannot include any accounts in the debt review process where legal action has commenced.  It is therefore important that you apply for debt review sooner rather than later. If you already have a garnishee order against you, we can make provision for the monthly amount in your restructured debt plan.