Let us help you consolidate your debt into one affordable payment

Need a loan to repay your debt?
  • We consolidate your debt repayments into one affordable monthly instalment.
  • You determine the amount of your monthly debt repayment.
  • Pay only what you can afford & retain sufficient funds for living expenses.
  • We’ll also reduce your current interest rates!
  • We can help you even if you are over-indebted, blacklisted or have a bad credit record.
  • Free debt assessments that are fully confidential.
  • We are fully compliant with National Credit Act & NCR registered.

This is what Zero Debt can do for you:

Below is an example of what our debt consolidation did for Rob & his family. Before contacting us, Rob was drowning in debt and consequently behind with some of his debt repayments. Credit providers and debt collectors were phoning Rob continuously making it difficult for Rob to focus on his business.

We consolidated Rob’s debt into a single, affordable monthly repayment leaving him and his family with sufficient cash to prevent them from sacrificing their quality of life. Have a look at Rob’s monthly debt obligations before & after his debts were consolidated:

Item Old Payment New Payment Reduction
Property Bond R 9,260.16 p/m R 6,853.26 p/m R 2,406.90 p/m
Vehicle Finance R 5,272.68 p/m R 3,385.92 p/m R 1,886.76 p/m
Unsecured Debt R 10,641.97 p/m R 2,401.34 p/m R 8,240.63 p/m
Total R 25,174.81 p/m R 12,640.52 p/m R 12,534.29 p/m

*The above table reflects Rob’s debt position – note that you can apply for debt consolidation even if you do not have a property bond or vehicle finance.

Our debt consolidation process reduced Rob’s monthly debt repayments by 49.8% from R25,175 to R12,640 thereby making cash of R12,535 per month available to Rob & his family! From the moment that Rob’s application was accepted, we took over all dealings with his credit providers and Rob could focus on what is really important – his business.

“Thank you very much for your quick assistance regarding my debt consolidation. Your company is highly recommended and I’ll definitely spread the word to other people who need assistance with their debt. Thanks!”


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Do you have questions about our debt consolidation process?

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is the process whereby we consolidate all your debt which is owed to multiple credit providers into a single debt with a single monthly repayment at reduced interest rates. Instead of paying multiple credit providers, you now only have to make one reduced monthly repayment for all your debt. As part of our free debt assessment, we will work with you so that you pay only the minimum amount which is required by your credit providers thereby reducing your monthly debt obligations and freeing up cash so that you can maintain your quality of life.

How soon will I know whether I qualify for debt consolidation?

You can speak to one of our debt consultants within one business hour of sending us a callback request or you can phone us anytime within business hours. The consultant will guide you through the process, explain how the free debt assessment process works and be able to confirm whether you would qualify for debt consolidation.

Can I apply if I am over-indebted, blacklisted or have bad credit?

Yes, we can do debt consolidation for blacklisted consumers, consolidate the debts of over-indebted consumers and facilitate debt consolidation for bad credit consumers. Simply complete our callback form or phone us directly to start our debt consolidation process.

Can I apply if I do not have income?

No. You will not qualify for debt consolidation if you do not earn any income. Not with us and not with anyone else. You need to earn a regular monthly income to be able to qualify for debt consolidation.

How do I apply if I am married in community of property?

You will need to submit a joint application with your spouse. We cannot process a single application if you are married in community of property and both of you will need to enter the debt consolidation process.

Who do I pay?

You will never pay us directly. Instead, you will pay your consolidated monthly debt payments to a National Credit Regulator (NCR) appointed payment distribution agency (PDA) which is registered with the NCR and operates entirely independent from Zero Debt. You are therefore ensured of complete trust as regulated by the National Credit Act (NCA).

Are you registered in accordance with the National Credit Act?

Yes, our debt consolidation process adheres to all the requirements of the National Credit Act (NCA) and we have been registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) since 2009

Some debt consolidation companies claim that they can reduce debt repayments by 60% or even 70%. Can you do the same for me?

The extent to which we can reduce your monthly debt repayment amounts depends on the type of debt that you have. No one can reduce the interest rates on property bonds and vehicle finance to the extent that it would result in a 60% reduction in the debt repayment amount. On unsecured loans, it is however possible to reduce debt repayments to this extent. If your debt therefore consists of only unsecured loans, we can do the same for you but if you also have a bond or vehicle finance, no one will be able to reduce your debt repayments by more than 60%. Any company which is claiming to be able to do so should not be trusted.

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