Debt Calculator | Calculate Your Debt in 4 Easy Steps!

Simple Step By Step Debt Calculator

  • In order to determine which debt solutions you qualify for, we need to determine what your current debt status is.

  • In order to do this calculation, we need to know what your total income, total salary deductions, total expenses and total debt repayments are.

  • Our free debt calculator enables you to enter this information in separate steps and the calculation then determines what your monthly surplus or shortfall is. This amount indicates whether your debt status is that you are over-indebted or not which then determines which debt solutions you qualify for.

  • It is important that you enter all the required amounts as accurately as possible. There is no point in attempting to create a result which is not in agreement with your current circumstances because all amounts will ultimately need to be verified.

Step 1 - Total Income


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  • Free no-obligation debt assessments by our experienced consultants.

  • We can help you even if you are over-indebted, blacklisted or have a bad credit record.

  • We are fully compliant with National Credit Act & NCR registered.

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