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Monthly Reduction

ItemOld PaymentNew PaymentReduction
Property BondR 5,245.25 p/mR 3,933.94 p/mR 1,311.31 p/m
Vehicle FinanceR 3,519.25 p/mR 2,510.68 p/mR 1,008.57 p/m
Unsecured DebtR 11,168.25 p/mR 3,390.50 p/mR 7,777.75 p/m
TotalR 19,932.75 p/mR 9,835.12 p/mR 10,097.63 p/m

What is Debt Counselling?

If you are over-indebted and falling behind with your debt repayments, debt counselling can protect your assets by arranging a structured, affordable repayment plan for your outstanding debt.

A debt solution company consolidates all your debt into one monthly payment and reduces your interest rates, based on your circumstances. This debt protection forms part of the National Credit Act. Credit providers cannot take legal action against you if you go under debt counselling. This means that aside from the protection of your assets, you will also end up paying less for your debt on a monthly basis.

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A simple process aimed at transitioning you out of debt that is straightforward and effortless, we assist our clients in developing a repayment plan that is affordable and easy to maintain for the remaining repayment period without additional financial strain.

The plan is intended to relieve the struggle of debt immediately, as we negotiate reduced interest rates of 100% from your Credit Providers, thereby lowering your overall repayment amount.

Why Zero Debt?

  • Zero Debt is one of the leading debt solution companies in South Africa!

  • We protect your assets from repossession by credit providers.

  • We consolidate all your debt and you pay a lot less every month.

  • You determine what you can afford & retain sufficient funds for your living expenses.

  • We’ll also reduce all your current interest rates!

  • Free no-obligation debt assessments by our experienced consultants.

  • We can help you even if you are over-indebted, blacklisted or have a bad credit record.

  • We are fully compliant with National Credit Act & NCR registered.

98% of our customers left satisfied

Thank you once again. I have to say I am impressed by the excellent service you provide.

Sieyamm Hartnick

What I can say? The day I contacted Zero Debt was the best day of my life. Thanks for the assistance, the advice and the best for assisting me to be DEBT FREE. Please forward my thank you to Chris and Natasha.

Marietjie Snyman

Thank you for your kindness shown to my wife and I (and my son). May I please share with you my first verse that I received from God in my Holy Bible given to me by my wife on our wedding day: It is 1 John 4:8 “He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”

Brendan Moodley

I would like to say to the Zero Debt team that I almost killed myself because of debts as the banks turned their backs on me. The moment I found Zero Debt, I’ve got a reason to fight to pay all my debt. From now on, to me you are the debts doctor and a king of them all.

Vhangani Phistos Makhado

I would like to thank everyone from your team who helped me to become a person I am today with my financial life, especially Chris for helping from day one when I was really feeling weak. Thanks again for your time and help.

Gabisilele Zungu

The level of service I have received has been outstanding over the past few weeks. Thank you for assisting me with this process and allowing me to gain control over my finances. It is a great feeling to now be debt free and to remain so going forward.

Venessa Visser

I’ve learned my most valuable lesson in life not to engage in reckless credit or so, I will always be a friend to debt review as they have taken me to greater heights in life by saving my character life and reputation which was collapsing faster than I have known.

Siphamandla Matonosana


What qualifies you to be put under debt counselling?

You qualify for debt counselling if you are over-indebted. This means you are struggling with your debt repayments and have fallen behind, or are at risk of falling behind. You also need to be earning a monthly income – you will not qualify if you are unemployed. You qualify for debt counselling even if you are blacklisted, or if you have a bad credit record.

Why should I consider debt counselling?

You should consider debt counselling if you are unable to pay off your debt repayments, whether it be now or in the immediate future. By going under debt counselling you will ensure the protection of your assets, and avoid legal action by your credit providers. Debt counselling helps to reduce your repayments and your interest rates, making your financial situation more manageable.

What costs will I incur by applying for debt counselling?

The exact costs will depend on the type of debt you have and your monthly repayment amount, however you will incur debt counselling fees and legal fees. Both the debt counselling fees & legal fees are incorporated into your debt restructuring plan which means that you will not need to pay any additional/upfront fees in order for your application to be processed. The debt counselling fees that we charge are regulated by the National Credit Regulator and should be the same regardless of which registered debt counselling company you use. Legal fees are also determined based on the type of debt that you have and your monthly repayment amount.

Do I need to go to court?

No, you will never have to attend any court proceedings, as Zero Debt’s nominated attorneys will obtain the court order for you. The legal fees relating to the court order is included in your reduced monthly debt repayment amount.

Is debt counselling better than a consolidation loan?

You will not qualify for a consolidation loan if you are over-indebted. Not with us and not with anyone. The only way to prevent you from losing your assets is to go under debt counselling. Our debt counselling process fully protects your assets, as per the National Credit Act. We help you to manage your bad-debt situation by consolidating your debt into one affordable monthly repayment, reducing your monthly debt repayments & interest and clearing your credit record after you have fulfilled your restructured debt obligations.

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