Steyn & Coetzee

After Zero Debt restructures your debt, the debt review process involves obtaining a court order in a Magistrates Court on your behalf in order to formalise your restructured debt plan & to ensure that all credit providers are bound to acceptance of your debt repayment plan. This legal service is included in our debt review offering and the fees that are associated with this process are already included in your restructured debt repayment plan. You also do not need to attend court proceedings yourself – Zero Debt will appoint Steyn & Coetzee Attorneys and their correspondents to represent you and to appear in court on your behalf.

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Steyn & Coetzee Attorneys specializes in the National Credit Act and more specifically debt review applications. They have obtained thousands of debt review court orders on behalf of over-indebted consumers nationwide since the inception of the National Credit Act. Steyn & Coetzee Attorneys are also able to assist consumers with liquidations, sequestrations and legal action instituted against them by a credit provider. You can be sure of a professional and personal service from their offices. We recommend that you visit the Steyn & Coetzee Attorneys website by clicking on the banner below for more information about the services that they offer.