Tired of being in debt? Here is your second chance. Get a debt review.

Debt Review
  • Apply for debt review through one of the leading debt review companies in South Africa!
  • We protect your assets from repossession by credit providers.
  • We consolidate all your debt and you pay a lot less every month.
  • We reduce the interest that you would have paid by up to 60%!
  • You determine what you can afford & retain sufficient funds for your living expenses.
  • Free confidential, no-obligation debt assessments by our experienced consultants.
  • Zero Debt is NCR registered and offers clients the personal attention that they deserve.

This is what Zero Debt can do for you:

Below is an example of what our debt review process did for Lindiwe. Before contacting us, Lindiwe was behind with her debt repayments and constantly being contacted by her credit providers and their debt collectors. From the moment that she completed her debt review application, we took over control of all dealings with her credit providers and we immediately reduced the amount that she had to repay on a monthly basis. All her debt was consolidated into a single monthly repayment based on the amount that she determined as affordable for her.

On top of that, one of our team members, Patience, also stopped the repossession of her vehicle which meant that she was still able to get to work on time without having to change her lifestyle. Have a look at Lindiwe’s monthly debt obligations before & after she decided to apply for debt review with Zero Debt:

Item Old Payment New Payment Reduction
Property Bond R 5,245.25 p/m R 3,933.94 p/m R 1,311.31 p/m
Vehicle Finance R 3,519.25 p/m R 2,510.68 p/m R 1,008.57 p/m
Unsecured Debt R 11,168.25 p/m R 3,390.50 p/m R 7,777.75 p/m
Total R 19,932.75 p/m R 9,835.12 p/m R 10,097.63 p/m

*The above table reflects Lindiwe’s debt position – note that you can apply for debt review even if you do not have a property bond or vehicle finance.

Our debt review process reduced Lindiwe’smonthly debt repayments by 50.7% from R19,933 to R9,835 thereby making cash of R10,098 per month available to her! We also ensured that Lindiwe’s assets were fully protected based on the National Credit Act and we removed all the debt related stress from her life. It really pays to deal with one of the leading debt review companies in South Africa!

I have never received such prompt service in my life. Patience Manzombe helped me retain my vehicle that was due to be repossessed and for that I will forever be grateful. I will definitely spread the word. Thank you, thank you!


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Do you have questions about our debt review application process?

Why should I consider debt review?

If you are over-indebted and falling behind with your debt repayments, debt review can protect your assets. This debt protection forms part of the National Credit Act. Credit providers cannot take legal action against you if you go under debt review. Zero Debt also consolidates all your debt into one monthly payment which is affordable based on your circumstances and reduces your interest rates. This means that aside from the protection of your assets, you will also end up paying less for your debt on a monthly basis.

Is debt review better than a consolidation loan?

You will not qualify for a consolidation loan if you are over-indebted. Not with us and not with anyone. If your current debt status is that you are over-indebted, you do not have the option of a consolidation loan. The only realistic & affordable way to prevent you from losing your assets is to go under debt review. Our debt review process can offer you immediate asset protection as per the National Credit Act and set you on a course of recovery from debt problems by consolidating your debt into one affordable monthly repayment, reducing your monthly debt repayments & interest and clearing your credit record after you have fulfilled your restructured debt obligations.

Am I over-indebted?

Are you struggling to repay your debt? Have you fallen behind on your scheduled debt repayments or are you at risk of falling behind in the immediate future? These are signs that in all likelihood you are over-indebted. It is also so that the sooner that you apply for debt review, the better. Once a credit provider commences with legal action, there is a risk that the particular debt cannot be included in your debt restructuring plan. Why stress & lose sleep any longer? Request a callback and we can start completing your free debt assessment today!

I am blacklisted. Can I apply for debt review?

Yes, you can apply for debt review with Zero Debt even if you are blacklisted or simply have a bad credit record. We have helped thousands of South Africans with similar debt problems to become debt free and are experts in the field debt restructuring.

I want to apply for debt review. What do I do next?

Complete the callback form or phone us directly to speak to one of our qualified debt review consultants today. The debt consultant will ask you to complete our free debt assessment form so that we can see what your monthly income & expenses look like and what you current debt position is. Once we have received your free debt assessment, your debt review consultant will get in touch to discuss the consolidated, reduced monthly debt repayment amount which you will be able to afford and explain the easy steps that need to be completed in order for us to protect your assets. Your consultant will also answer any questions that you may have and cover the entire debt review process with you.

What happens if my creditor providers reject my reduced monthly debt repayment amount?

We have a lot of experience in dealing with credit providers and our debt review consultants have frequently negotiated debt restructuring proposals with all the major credit providers. Your debt consultant will therefore propose a restructured debt plan which is affordable to you and based on what he/she knows will be acceptable based on your debt position. Zero Debt will then refer your proposed debt plan to their nominated attorneys who will obtain a court order in a magistrate’s court to enforce your restructuring debt plan on your credit providers. This court order is obtained as per the National Credit Act and protects your assets while you are under debt review.

Do I need to go to court?

No, you will never have to attend any court proceedings. Zero Debt’s nominated attorneys will obtain the court order for you and the legal fees relating to the court order is included in your reduced monthly debt repayment amount.

Can I apply for debt review if I am unemployed?

You need a monthly income in order for us to propose a reduced debt repayment plan to your credit providers. You will therefore not qualify for debt review if you are currently unemployed. We therefore suggest that you find a new job and then contact us for assistance with your debt if you are still over-indebted.

What do I tell my creditors when they contact me?

If you decide to apply for debt review, we will contact all your credit providers to inform them of your debt review status. If any of your credit providers or even their debt collectors contact you, you can simply refer them to your Zero Debt consultant and they are not allowed to threaten you or make any demands from you. Zero Debt will handle all contact from your credit providers for the entire time that you are under debt review.

How do I apply for debt review if I am married in community of property?

You will need to submit a joint debt review application with your spouse. We cannot process a single application if you are married in community of property and both of you will need to enter the debt review process.

Some companies claim that they can reduce debt repayments by 60% or even 70%. Can you do the same for me?

The extent to which we can reduce your monthly debt repayment amounts depends on the type of debt that you have. No one can reduce the interest rates on property bonds and vehicle finance to the extent that it would result in a 60% reduction in the debt repayment amount. On unsecured loans, it is however possible to reduce debt repayments to this extent. If your debt therefore consists of only unsecured loans, we can do the same for you but if you also have a bond or vehicle finance, no one will be able to reduce your debt repayments by more than 60%. Any company which is claiming to be able to do so should not be trusted.

Still not sure? Why not speak to one of our debt review consultants? Simply complete our callback form and a debt consultant will phone you back at your convenience!